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HEVACR 2005 International Trade Development Strategy - March 2002 (Download)

HEVACR 2005 FETA scoping mission to Dubai & Abu Dhabi - Dec 2003 (Download)

Export Club Aims

  • Stimulate interest and success in profitable Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Export Trade;
  • Provide business members with a forum for the interchange of knowledge of all matters relating to export trading;
  • Encourage that interchange through lectures, debates, discussions, sponsored meetings and innovations;
  • Encourage a 'World Class' image for our industry. Encourage active exporting and 'World Class' manufacture;
  • Encourage participative membership for all FETA members with interest in Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration products.

Mission Statement

"To Encourage Profitable Export of FETA Members Products"

Major Benefits

The Export Business Club will effectively enhance all the Exporting interests of those firms that are members of the various Groups and Associations within the Federation.

Current Activities

  • Production of the Export Business Club Newsletter;
  • Membership Drive; Workshops/Seminars ie. (Technical Help for Exporters)
  • Inside Track to Export Business
  • Raising the profile of Exporting at every FETA meeting;
  • Provide product and company directory; Information technology (IT);
  • Practical ways of networking'Piggy Back';
  • Interface with the Exporters Promoters;
  • Local Networking with existing Export organisations including Business Links and other Trade Organisations;
  • Education and Training on Export matters;
  • Export Newsletter- promoting World Class Excellence (\/ideo form or hard copy);
  • Inward/Outward missions;
  • Develop long term relationship with UK Trade & Investment (UKTI);

Future Activities

  • Review of DTI Trade Fair Support Scheme involving International Exhibitions throughout the World;
  • Export Marketing - Developing a Strategy;
  • Financial Export and Exporting Profitability;
  • Export Documentation - Various Procedures Required;
  • Technical Help for Export Markets; Export Risk - Covering the Debt;
  • International Trade - Legal Issues;
  • Working.with the-B.CT.B.to Maximise Access to Sources of Advice on Overseas Trade

The Bigger we are, the better chance we have to be on the 'INSIDE TRACK' so please join now.

E-mail: martync @ feta.co.uk