FETA Committees - Technical Management Group

Background to the Technical Management Group

FETA is made up of six principal trade associations covering the various parts of the HVACR sector – ADCAS, BCIA, BFCMA, BRA, HEVAC and HPA. Several of the groups within the six associations have their own technical committees and they regularly review and discuss topics of direct relevance to them. So the HEVAC Air Filter Group might discuss air filter standards and the Chilled Beams & Ceiling Association might wish to write a chilled beam guide.

There are also several topics which are not specific to one group but cut across several of the groups/sections; topics such as energy and environmental issues. To deal with these topics, the FETA Technical Management Committee was formed in 1989, and in 2010 it became the Technical Management Group including a Carbon Trust representative.

Over the years it has dealt with topics such as publications, standards and directives. However, most recently the emphasis has been to cover the many energy and environmental issues that impact FETA members. The diverse membership of the Technical Management Group means that the information the individual members bring from their own groups and external committees can be gathered together to give all of the information to FETA members.


Last updated 10 May 2018