Mission and aims


Our Mission To enable our members to compete on favourable terms in an improved national and international business climate

Our Aims

  • To be the representative voice of the UK HVACR industry so as to promote and defend its interests and those of our members.
  • To provide high-quality, cost-effective services and programmes tailored to members’ needs.
  • To facilitate and promote the growth of the industry in national and international markets.
  • To participate in scientific, public and policy debates which might affect members and so influence policies, legislation, regulations and standards.
  • To provide members with a source of information on market issues, legislation, training, technological advances and research.
  • To be sensitive to, and satisfy the distinct needs of, the many sectors of industry represented by and within the Federation.
  • To be a growing, pro-active trade association actively collaborating with other similar organisations and working for a better future for the industry in general and for our members in particular.