Welcome to the Association of Ductwork Contractors and Allied Services (ADCAS). We represent all companies with an interest in ductwork including contractors and those who supply to or otherwise support our industry.

ADCAS was formed in October 1996 by leading ductwork contractors who believed that the industry needed an independent voice and a specific identity. This proved  attractive to both contractors and many of the associated companies who supplied services and products to the sector.

ADCAS has been a member of FETA since 2007, and this part of the FETA website has access for members to minutes of meetings and other member-only information (members can click on the "Members Area" link at the top of any FETA webpage).

ADCAS also has its own website: where you can find more information on the Association, our membership, events, training and education, and a range of publications that can be downloaded free of charge.


ADCAS is proud to represent all companies with an interest in ductwork. The Association has two types of member:

Full members are the contractors who manufacture and install ductwork

Associate members are those who supply to, support or are otherwise allied to the ductwork sector.


  • Offers a way for its membership to represent themselves to the wider construction industry.
  • Liaises with Government on key issues such as legislation.
  • Enables member companies to discuss shared interests.
  • Holds regular meetings and events to highlight important issues that members need to understand in their businesses.
  • Offers credibility of membership for companies large and small.

Aims and objectives

  • To promote better specification, design and installation of ductwork.
  • To work with other organisations such as B&ES, BSRIA, FETA and others to promote the interests of our members.
  • To support higher standards among membership through education and information on the latest legislation and technical developments.
  • To influence legislation such as Part L of the Building Regulations and others to ensure that ductwork is properly represented.

Ductwork Cleaning Requirements and Access Doors - added 2 Dec 2015

Ductwork air systems can be a source of spreading disease and infections. With this greater understanding the requirement for access into the ductwork systems for maintenance, inspection and cleaning has increased.

The importance of regularly cleaning ductwork ventilation systems is well established. This can be cleaning of ductwork as part of a building maintenance programme or of new ductwork systems prior to handover. The cleanliness of ductwork, both existing and new; location of access doors; and the cleaning and maintenance of ventilation systems are all closely linked.

Two important documents were released in 2014, DW/144 Second Edition (Specification for Sheet Metal Ductwork Low Medium and high pressure/velocity air systems); and TR/19 (Internal Cleanliness of Ventilation Systems). Both are from B&ES Publications.

These documents are important to anyone involved in the ductwork industry, and they need to be read in conjunction with the British and European Standard, BS EN 15780 (Ventilation for Buildings – Ductwork – Cleanliness of Ventilation Systems).

All three of these documents relate to one or all of the topics: cleaning access, access doors and duct cleanliness.

This ADCAS Guide has been produced to explain the similarities and differences between these documents and to provide practical recommendations for the system designers, ductwork contractors and cleaning contractors to help them work with all three publications.   Download

ADCAS Guidance - Fire Rated Ductwork (FRD) - added 12 Dec 2013

Under the requirements of the Construction Products Regulation 2011 it has become mandatory for manufacturers supplying products into the construction industry to draw up a declaration of performance and apply CE marking to any of their construction products which are covered by a harmonised European standard (hEN) or conform to a European Technical Assessment (ETA), since 1 July 2013.  This Fire Rated Ductwork guidance note contains essential information.

A Common Interest

ADCAS was initiated by Ductwork Contractors but they quickly realised that the efficiency and profitability of their business was intricately interwoven with the services offered by draughtsmen/ women, CAD operators, erection labour specialists, fire resistant ducting manufacturers/installers, plastic ductwork and fume cupboard manufacturers, kitchen canopy and hood manufacturers, testing and commissioning specialists and other allied specialist trades.

Together they represent the constituent parts of the air-conditioning and ventilation ductwork manufacturing and contracting sector of the modern building services industry and all will be able to seek membership.

By joining together under one Association with a common interest, maximum effectiveness can be achieved for the ongoing benefit of the members and consequently for the clients and customers.

However, ADCAS also wants to attract those businesses which specialise in the supply only markets and also the manufacturers and suppliers of plant and equipment for ventilation and air-conditioning systems.

ADCAS offers associate membership to these businesses so that a mutual benefit can be achieved by working together for the advancement and development of airside products in an informed contracting environment.

Build UK Newsline

In February 2013 Build UK unveiled an exciting new format for Newsline at
From now on, Build UK will be publishing the latest construction industry news for the specialist sector on a dedicated new website rather than in the bi-monthly online magazine.


BG 10 /2010 Structural Fixings for Ductwork Systems

This joint ADCAS/BSRIA guide provides guidance about the design, selection and installation of structural fixings for ductwork systems. It does not aim to cover every ductwork system application, every type of structural fixing, or every type of structural base material. Instead, it provides an overview of the design process that should be applied to the design of ductwork support systems, examines how fixings function and how they fail, and then complements this information with guidance about the selection and installation of structural fixings for solid concrete, hollowcore concrete slabs, composite decking, steelwork, masonry and timber.
Click on the image or here to download

DW145 - Fire Damper Selection

Following the publication of the BESA’s DW145 Ductwork specification, ADCAS has produced this simple selection chart. It is intended to help users make the correct choice of fire damper.
Click to download.

ADCAS in Action

ADCAS will seek to provide a full range of services for its members. These services will be a combination of self help between members and professional help provided either in-house or externally. ADCAS believes in training and continuing education and believes all its members, whether large or small, should, whenever possible, consider further training of its employees as an ongoing commitment. ADCAS will provide commentary and active support for its members to enable them to consider and introduce effective responses to changes in legislation, government standards and regulations and industry best practice. ADCAS will support members promoting best possible practices in industrial relations and human resources. ADCAS will seek to maintain regular contact and communication with other bodies and institutions. Finally, ADCAS seeks the active support of all its members without whom the success of the Association cannot be achieved.

ADCAS Legal Helpline

ADCAS members can benefit from free initial guidance on a contract or employment law issue from specialists at Clarkslegal.

The dedicated email address is : Place 'contract' or 'employment' in the heading as relevant.

Build UK


ADCAS is a member of Build UK.

Contact details for specific Build UK Helplines & Services are available in the

"members area" of this website


Build UK Helplines and Services include:

  • Contractual and Legal (England and Wales)
  • Contractual and Legal (Scotland)
  • Employment
  • Health & Safety
  • Tax & Business
  • Credit Checks
  • Publications
  • DBS Checks
  • R&D Tax Credit Claims

BIM Guidance Published for Specialist Contractors

New guidance has been published by Build UK and the Specialist Engineering Contractors’ (SEC) Group to provide Specialist Contractors with a practical understanding of the use of Building Information Modeling (BIM).  Download here.



Employment Opportunities and Job Seeker Opportunities 

Do you have a position that needs to be filled in your company or are you seeking employment in the ductwork industry? Please feel free to post employment opportunities or your requirements for employment on the ADCAS Employment Opportunity page and the Job Seeker Opportunity page.