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  BCIA History - PowerPoint Presentation (278Kb ppt)

  Electrical Cable Colour Changes (pdf 787Kb)

  Controls for End Users - a Guide for Good Design and Implementation (pdf 1.81MB) (new)

  Control Sensor Application Form (pdf)

  Start Up & Commissioning Guide (pdf)  

  Control Sensor - Introduction (pdf)

  Control Sensor - Air Quality.pdf Control Sensor - Humidity (pdf)

  Control Sensor - Pressure.pdf Control Sensor - Technology (pdf)

  Control Sensor - Temperature.pdf Control Sensor - Velocity Flow (pdf)

  Control Sensor Installation (pdf)

  BCIA training scheme (Word doc)

  Good Practice Guide on CE Markings (pdf)

  Practical Completion (Word doc)

  Pre-specification Checklist (pdf)

  Software Variation Analysis Model Form (Word doc)

  Model Terms & Conditions of Offer (Word doc)

  Terms of Reference (pdf)

  Trouble with BMS (Word doc)

BCIA - Library of standards for the web 

Suitable reading matter relating to building controls is available from other organizations as follows:

CCC Commissioning Code C: Automatic Controls

AG7-98 Library of Standard Control Strategies
AG9-2001 Standard Specifications for BMS
AG10-2001 The Effective BMS
BG4-2003 BMS Maintenance Guide
TN6-98 Specifying Building Management Systems

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