Aims & Objectives

About BFCMA The British Flue & Chimney Manufacturers Association is Britian’s only Trade Association for factory-made chimney products and works closely with Government, public bodies and other organisations to further the interest of the chimney & flue industry.

The Association represents the interests of the Members and aims to:

  • Promote the efficient and safe use of natural draught chimneys and encourage continual improvement of chimney products and services for the benefit of members’ customers.
  • Obtain maximum publicity for the industry through exhibitions, publishing information sheets and general public relations.
  • Influence legislation, regulations and policies, at national & international levels, that affect the chimney industry in general.
  • Develop and promote high standards of quality, design, safety and workmanship in the industry.
  • Encourage uniform standards of Education and Training at all levels throughout the Industry.
  • Co-ordinate Technical and Market Research into areas of common interest identified by Members.
  • Work to improve trading conditions and promote trading opportunities for its Members in home and overseas markets.
  • Represent the U.K. chimney industry at European and international levels.

NEW BFCMA website

Click for seperate BFCMA website with more information

The new BFCMA web site clearly outlines the function of the different types of chimney and flue systems and provides comprehensive guidance on the use of chimneys and flues with wood burning appliances.

The site has been completely updated to incorporate the changes made by the new UK annex to BS EN 15287-1, the design and installation standard for chimneys.

Need technical advice on a chimney installation?

Each of the member companies in the BFCMA has its own technical department which you can approach for advice.

For a List of Member Companies follow the link

For a list of two Independent Consultants follow the link

BFCMA Documents

The BFCMA Guide on the Selection and Installation of Flues and Chimneys for Wood Burning and Multi Fuel Appliances expands upon the guidance in Part J of the building regulations and in BSEN 15287-1, the design and installation standard for chimneys. The guide can be downloaded from the web site.

HETAS Guide for factory made chimneys and chimney lining systems

The purpose of HETAS is to promote the safe and effective use of solid fuels, biomass and related technologies.  The HETAS Guide is one of the principal means by which they fulfil this purpose.

What we can do for you

If you are a manufacturer or sole importer- and if you care about the health of the industry, both present and future - then you should consider what membership of the Association can offer:

  • The opportunity to discuss common problems with other companies in similar market sectors.
  • The facility if liaising with your customers through their Trade Associations.
  • Information services and legal advice.
  • The ability to make your viewpoint heard, and to take action, on those things you don’t like such as government legislation, trading conditions, restrictive practices, etc.
  • The opportunity to participate in the formulation of E.C. and national legislation and standards for your products before they become mandatory in the Single European Market.

If you support your Trade Association, you might well get the type of industry you want. If you don’t, then you will get the industry others want.