ADCAS is proud to represent all companies with an interest in ductwork. The Association has two types of member: Full members are the contractors who manufacture and install ductwork Associate members are those who supply to, support or are otherwise allied to the ductwork sector.

The Association represents the interests of the Members and aims to:

  • Promote the efficient and safe use of natural draught chimneys and encourage continual improvement of chimney products and services for the benefit of members’ customers.
  • Obtain maximum publicity for the industry through exhibitions, publishing information sheets and general public relations.
  • Influence legislation, regulations and policies, at national & international levels, that affect the chimney industry in general.
  • Develop and promote high standards of quality, design, safety and workmanship in the industry.
  • Encourage uniform standards of Education and Training at all levels throughout the Industry.
  • Co-ordinate Technical and Market Research into areas of common interest identified by Members.
  • Work to improve trading conditions and promote trading opportunities for its Members in home and overseas markets.
  • Represent the U.K. chimney industry at European and international levels.