Need help with a chimney or flue ?

The BFCMA is a trade association of UK chimney manufacturers and suppliers.  Our objective is to support industry and government in the creation of robust and safe standards and regulation. The association’s office is not in a position to provide general consumer advice, however there is an informative website available at that may help you find the answers to your enquiry.  It also contains downloads for Wood Burning & Multi Fuel Appliances and also Biomass Appliances.

Chimney enquiry......

If your enquiry is specifically regarding a chimney product, please choose a BFCMA member that produces the type of product you require from our members contact page (    All of the member companies have technical departments that will be able to assist with your chimney enquiry.  Telephone numbers are on the website.

Fuel or appliance enquiry......

If your enquiry is a general enquiry regarding a specific fuel type, we would suggest:

Details of these three organisations are on our Useful Links page.

Chimney sweep

Registered chimney sweeps have attended a training course which includes smoke testing a chimney.

Smoke testing of chimneys

This is a specialist process.  Kiwa Gastec are an experienced UK lab in this field. 


We hope this helps, but if it doesn’t please let us know and we’ll try to help further.