BRA conducts the majority of its business within specialist sections. These sections meet 3 or 4 times a year, and they deal with issues and topics that directly affect their businesses. As well as the more formal part of the meeting, members find the informal networking over lunch to be an invaluable benefit of membership.

The sections within BRA are:

  • Cabinet and Coldstore Section
  • Contractors' Section
  • Equipment & Components' Section
  • Refrigeration End Users Section
  • Training Section


The BRA Cabinet & Coldstore Section consists of the main manufacturers and suppliers of all types of refrigerated display cabinets.

Refrigerated Display Cabinet Performance Validation Scheme

In 2003 the C&C section developed a "Validation" scheme for their products. The initial driver for this was the UK Government’s Enhanced Capital Allowance scheme. The criteria for the ECA scheme changed in 2008. While the BRA performance validation scheme is no longer used by the ECA scheme, its testing methodology is still good and so it remains available to use.

The purpose, principles and working procedures of the BRA validation scheme are all contained in the Code of Practice

Cabinet & Coldstore Display Cabinet approved assessors – 18 May 2020