A Comparative Study of Active Chilled Beam and Fan Coil Unit Energy Consumption

Following a previous study commissioned by the Chilled Beams & Ceiling Association, where fan-coil units (FCU) and active chilled beams (ACB) were compared under different operating conditions, the HEVAC Fan Coil Unit Group in FETA commissioned EDSL to compare their relative energy consumption under the same operating conditions.  The work was carried out in June 2014.

A typical office building has been modelled to give realistic hourly heating and cooling loads. Two HVAC systems have then been created to calculate the FCU and ACB energy consumptions, which are then compared. The sections in the report describe the building and HVAC model assumptions, followed by the results of the simulations.

The final report written by EDSL, and the Tas models1 used in this study, can be found here http://edsl.myzen.co.uk/downloads/HEVAC_FCU_Group.zip and are freely available for download.  The ZIP file contains both the report as a WORD file that anyone can open and Tas model files, but these require specialist software and are only likely to be of interest to consultants or specifiers who have the software and wish to view the data.

If you just want to download the report you can do that from this link - HEVAC FCU Group.

The report concludes that FCU have a relative total annual energy consumption of only 0.85% to 2.87% above ACB depending on the terminal fan specific fan power.