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(Download) This single page PDF shows the links between the FMA/FETA and AMCA, EPEE, EVIA, and EUROVENT


The FMA, in partnership with CIBSE, has revised and updated the very popular Fan Application Guide.

This Fan application guide considers the principles of air movement and the various fan types available in order to achieve the best results.

The authors are all engineers with considerable experience in the fan industry. They discuss the principles and practice of air extract/supply system design, and offer guidance on fan selection to ensure that such systems perform their intended function efficiently.

This publication has been produced not for the fan engineer but for the engineer who uses fans. It is aimed not only at specifiers, mechanical services designers and architects but also at those responsible for building services and plant maintenance.

You can order copies from or by telephoning the CIBSE Publications Sales team on +44 208 772 3618.


Fan installation effects - a guide to installed fan performance. This guidance leaflet has been produced by the FMA to assist designers in the selection and use of fans for industrial and commercial installations, and it is applicable to all fans from all manufacturers.

(Download) The guidance leaflet is freely available from this link FMA Guide (770Kb)


Guide to installed fan acoustics - This leaflet is intended to assist designers in the selection and use of fans for industrial and commercial installations, and it is applicable to all fans, from all manufacturers.

(Download) The guidance leaflet is freely available from this link - FMA-GN02


Reducing Carbon Emissions – a guide to support that is available to UK Businesses. This leaflet is intended to assist the users and manufacturers of fans to identify where support is available that encourages the use, application and development of more efficient technology.

(Download) The guidance leaflet is freely available from this link FMA GN3 (33Kb)


Fan Efficiency - In the UK fans account for 22% of industrial motor energy consumption. This guidance note sets out to clarify fan efficiency.

(Download) The guidance leaflet is freely available from this link FMA GN04


Power, Power Factor and Harmonics - Fans need to be driven in order to move air and motors are generally the machines that do the driving. This Guidance Note specifically concerns electric motors applied to fan applications.

(Download) The guidance leaflet is freely available from this link FMA GN05


If you would be interested to look at our latest brochure you might choose to view it via the following link. Please note that the brochure was revised in 2006 and the list of members is published as a separate pdf.

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Fans in heating, ventilating, air-Conditioning and process systems represent 22% of the energy consumed by motor driven systems. Motor driven systems are recognised as the prime consumer of energy in the UK. Fan Manufacturers Association members are actively involved in developing, manufacturing, supplying and supporting energy efficient fans. The Fan Manufacturers Association supports these activities with active involvement in a number of activities that is leading to the reduction of energy consumed by fans.

(Download) A full account of the energy strategy is available from this link FMA-E.STR


The range and quality of fans and other products that are available to buyers from the FMA, together with the technical expertise in applying those products which is available from members is widely respected by specifiers and installers.

Members are committed to producing quality products, and offering clients expert advise on the application and installation of fan systems.

The FMA are a professional body of fan engineers and by working together, member companies promote high standards of quality, design, safety and workmanship in the industry. They ensure that national and international technical standards and publications reflect the requirements of the industry as a whole, and through their regular exchanges, members are kept upto date with the ever changing legislation and standards, which has an affect on their products. By using FMA fans, clients can be confident of getting a professional service.

ATEX Directive

The Directive for Equipment intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX) came into force in July 2003.

FMA statement on the ATEX Directive (download 220 kb pdf)

Guidelines on the application of Council Directive 94/9/EC of 23 March 1994 on the approximation of the laws concerning equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres May 2000

Fans used in potentially explosive atmospheres need to comply with the safety and design requirements of the directive. There are several FMA members who can supply ATEX compliant fans and they can be contacted from the Directory of Members.

If you have areas on your site where potentially explosive gases, vapours or dust could combine with air then you need to know about ATEX. If there is an explosion, you will be held to account. As the end user it is YOUR responsibility to ensure your site is safe and that all equipment in hazardous areas conforms to the ATEX regulations. This download 2-page information paper will help you get started. Download here.

Guidance – available from:

Advice – specialise test and certification who can give professional advice on the application of the directive include:

SIRA Test and Certification Ltd:


Fans & VentilationFANS AND VENTILATION - A practical guide 
by William Cory, Formerly Technical Director, Woods of Colchester Ltd. Now Consultant to Woods Air Movement Ltd

The practical reference book and guide to fans, ventilation and ancillary equipment with a comprehensive buyers' guide to worldwide manufacturers and suppliers. Bill Cory, well-known throughout the fans and ventilation industry, has produced a comprehensive, practical reference with a broad scope: types of fans, how and why they work, ductwork, performance standards, testing, stressing, shafts and bearings.

For more click here


Certification of fans

In 1999 the Fan Manufacturers Association (FMA) in the UK reached the agreement that the FMA would formally adopt the AMCA certified ratings scheme for fans. The purpose of the scheme is to give the buyer, specifier, and user of air movement and control equipment assurance that published ratings are reliable and accurate. Link to the AMCA website below through the logo.

  For a list of FMA members that are also members of AMCA International, click here. AMCA publications