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Membership of the Air Distribution Group

Membership is open to any company or organization involved in the manufacture and supply of air distribution equipment

A list of member companies can be found by clicking the Members List

Members are also listed in the broader Directory of HEVAC companies.

The aim of the group

To represent and promote the UK air distribution industry. The membership can be relied upon to provide impartial guidance.

Current Documents

NEW – HEVAC request for clarification from MHCLG  on fire damper insulation - May 2021

There is some confusion in the marketplace as to the interpretation of the requirements in Approved Document B (ADB) (volumes 1 and 2) for Fire Dampers (EN15650, EN1366-2, EN13501-3 and EN15882-2) and Smoke Control Dampers (EN12101-8, EN1366-10, EN13501-4).  HEVAC requested clarification from the UK Government Department responsible for Building Regulations, MHCLG, and their response is in this download.


NEW – HEVAC Guidance on Fire Dampers and Smoke Control Dampers – Feb 2021


Air distribution products installation guidance - Aug 2019

Manufacturers of air distribution products including grilles, diffusers, other outlets, fire dampers and smoke control dampers provide essential guidance for their products to ensure that they will work, remain compliant, be safe and be secure during their expected operational lifetimes.
The guidance provides the purchaser/installer with clear details of product installation and on-going maintenance. This must be checked before mounting, then carefully followed and not ignored. Download.

Guide to Air Distribution Technology 2015Guide to Air Distribution Technology for the Internal Environment - March 2015

This booklet, first published in 2000 and revised in 2015, is intended as a guide to designers or contractors who install air diffusion equipment and is complementary to EN12238 - Air terminal devices - Aerodynamic testing and rating for mixed flow applications and EN12239 - Air terminal devices - Aerodynamic testing and rating for displacement flow applications.

The use of the guide early in the design stage will assist both designers and contractors in obtaining a satisfactory air distribution system. Download.

HEVAC General Specification and Product Directory for Air Distribution and Related Equipment (revised December 2010)

The Air Distribution Group of the HEVAC Association was formed by Members involved in the manufacture and supply of Air Distribution Equipment. The equipment offered by these member firms covers the whole range of grilles, diffusers, air terminal devices, louvres, terminal units, fan coil units, chilled beams and ceilings, duct dampers, smoke/fire dampers and ventilators. The equipment is manufactured to a high standard of quality and design to meet the stringent requirements of the H.V.A.C. Industry.

This publication can be downloaded here and consists of a General Specification and Members Product Directory covering the full range of products in some detail. The contents will be of considerable value to those involved with the selection of Air Distribution Equipment. Download.

HEVAC Installation Frame for Fire Dampers

Installation frame for fire dampers complying with the requirements of the Greater London Council. First published in 1983, revised in 2002 and again in 2012
HEVAC 6/5/83 rev 2 March 2012

Real Room Acoustic Test procedure

This code was written around 1986 by HEVAC members.  Alan Fry, chairman of the HEVAC Acoustics Group, was the principle author.  Download


The directory of standards lists the various associations within FETA and the standards that are appropriate to those parts of the membership. Also included are the various BSI committees that have responsibility for each standard. The directory was compiled by Ian Andrews Associates, specialist in directives, regulations, standards and legislation for the appliance and ventilation industries. Available as a free download to FETA members.

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For Information on Fire & Smoke Dampers

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