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The aim of the HEVAC Fan Coil Unit Group is:

To promote the effective use of Chilled Water Fan Coil Units within a buildings environmental system by supplying meaningful and definitive specifications from which engineers can make considered decisions.

HEVAC Factsheet – Guidance on FCUs in residential applications December 2018

Guidance on FCUs in residential applications covers design considerations, commissioning and service and maintenance. This FCU Group factsheet gives current guidance (December 2018).

HEVAC Factsheet – How viable are Airside Fan Coils in 2019

Guidance on Airside fan coils, general arrangement, how they work, disadvantages. This FCU Group factsheet gives current guidance (August 2019).

BS 8850:2020 Fan coil unit performance. Determination of specific fan power.

Test method was published on 27 August 2020. Available from BSI Shop.

NEW – Fan Coil Industry statement: COVID-19 and fan coils, May 05, 2021

There is a significant amount of information available with respect to the operation and use of fan coils and COVID-19. Here is a summary of the latest guidance which, if followed, would allow Fan coils to be used.

View Full Industry Statement

NEW – HEVAC FCU Group Factsheet – Guidance on Electronically commutated (EC) motors

View factsheet

NEW – HEVAC FCU Group Factsheet – Guidance on Air Inlet Filters used in Fan Coils

View factsheet

Why use Fan Coil Units? Guide written in 2020

The FCU Group produced a short leaflet in 2011 and revised it in July 2020 to bring to your attention the many advantages of fan coil unit systems, which are summarised and compared with the attributes of alternative systems. (Download).

Acoustic guideFigure 2.1 from CIBSE Fan Coil Unit Guide

First published in 2009, the new February 2020 edition of the Fan Coil Unit Group good practice guide to acoustics for fan coils is now available. Containing case studies and worked examples of installations it gives advice on system components, the effect they can have, and the associated pitfalls that can occur, especially in relation to small scale projects.

Achievement of Aim

  • Supplying Industry Standards for Testing of:
    • Sound
    • Thermal
    • Performance
    • Airflow
    • Coefficient of performance
    • Airside carryover / losses
    • Component Efficiency

Figure 3.3 from CIBSE Fan Coil Unit Guide

  • Provide Industry Guides on
    • Application of Fan Coils Units
    • Installation of Fan Coils Units
    • Maintenance of Fan Coils Units
  • Act as a partner to Government departments to define any future standards specifications
  • Provide Statistics to members of the Group to facilitate focused product development strategies
  • The promotion of Fan Coils Units as one of the most effective air conditioning options


Do FCU comply with the new Part L Building Regulations?

Yes they do. Members worked closely with the DCLG when they developed the new Part L in 2006 and they all supply fan coil units that comply with the regulations.

Some end users have had difficulty in understanding the requirements for Specific Fan Power (SFP) under the new Part L. To help, the FCU Group had prepared the following position statements:

  HEVAC position statement on SFP for fan coil unitsv1.pdf - 1 Dec 2014

  HEVAC position statement on Acoustic Design Principles Iss2.pdf

  HEVAC position statement on Airflow Commissioning Iss2.pdf

  HEVAC position statement on Entering Air Temp Iss2.pdf

  HEVAC position statement on Specific Fan Power Iss3.pdf

CIBSE TM43 - Fan Coil Units

This Technical Memorandum, which at Ecobuild in March 2011 was described by CIBSE as one of their "Best Sellers", sets out to describe all aspects of fan coil unit technology and provides manufacturers, designers, site personnel and operators a comprehensive guide. Please link to the CIBSE page where you can get this publication.

CIBSE Journal article November 2016

In this cost model, covering mechanical and electrical installations, Aecom's specialist MEP cost managers examine the capital cost of fan coil units and chilled ceiling installations to a CAT A office within central London, to a single floor plate covering 1,600m2 net internal area.  Download CIBSE 2-page article

A Comparative Study of Active Chilled Beam and Fan Coil Unit Energy Consumption

Following a previous study where fan-coil units (FCU) and active chilled beams (ACB) were compared under different operating conditions, the HEVAC Fan Coil Unit Group in FETA commissioned EDSL to compare their relative energy consumption under the same operating conditions.  For the results and the report ............

There is an article on the study in the Sept 14 CIBSE Journal - link is

A PDF of the article is available from here, but the above link is better resolution.


Links to useful Industry guides

BSRIA BG 29/2011 Pre-Commission Cleaning of Pipework Systems

BSRIA BG 2/2010 Commissioning Water Systems

CIBSE Commissioning Code W:2010 Water Distribution Systems