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Membership of the Filter Group

Membership is open to any company or organization involved in the manufacture and supply of air filters and air filter materials.

A list of member companies can be found by clicking the Members List

The aim of the group

To represent and promote the UK air filter industry. The membership is committed to the correct promotion, selection and application of air filters within HEVAC systems and clean air technologies. The membership can be relied upon to provide impartial guidance.

The importance of Filtration

Air filtration is a fundamental process in the provision of clean air. The quality of clean air is entirely controlled by the use of correctly selected, installed and maintained air filters. Air filtration provides the means of obtaining the level of particulate cleanliness required;

  • To provide healthier and more comfortable living and working conditions for occupants of buildings.
  • To reduce the risk of infection in hospital 'critical areas' or other related environments.
  • To prevent the contamination of foodstuffs, pharmaceutical products and delicate electronics during manufacture.
  • To prevent the build up of contaminants on heater or condenser coils and other ventilation system components.
  • To protect expensive or delicate machinery from avoidable wear and subsequent maintenance and/or replacement.
  • To prevent the ingress or emission of hazardous substances
  • To protect the external environment from internally generated process dusts, gasses and contaminants.


Members are actively involved in the development of air filtration technical standards as applied to HVAC and Clean air technologies both nationally and internationally.

Members participate in the Eurovent certification scheme for HEVAC filters.

Current Documents

  • Air Filtration Training Manual - Oct 2008. (Download) [This document is currently under review]
  • IAQ (please note that these documents are for information purposes and have not been up dated)
  • Current Technical Standards - Prefixes   BS British  EN European ISO World Standard

    BS EN ISO 16890:2016 Particulate air filters for general ventilation. Classification and determination of filter performance     (Replaces BS EN 779:2012 which was withdrawn by BSI in June 2018)

    BS EN 1822-1:2019 High efficiency particulate air filters (EPA. HEPA, ULPA) Part 1. Classification, performance testing, marking. (To be used in conjunction with BS EN ISO 29463 parts 2 to 5 as below)

    BS EN ISO 29463-2:2018 High efficiency air filters (EPA. HEPA, ULPA) Part 2. Aerosol production, measuring equipment, particle counting statistic

    BS EN ISO 29463-3:2018 High efficiency air filters (EPA. HEPA, ULPA) Part 3. Testing flat sheet filter media

    BS EN ISO 29463-4:2018 High efficiency air filters (EPA. HEPA, ULPA) Part 4. Determining leakage of filter elements

    BS EN ISO 29463-5:2018 High efficiency air filters (EPA. HEPA, ULPA) Part 5. Determining the efficiency of filter elements

    (BS EN ISO 29463 parts replace BS EN 1822 parts 2 to 5 :2009 which have now been withdrawn by BSI)

    BS EN ISO 10121-2:2013 Gas phase air filters for general ventilation. Determination of performance

    BS EN 15805:2009  Particulate air filters for general ventilation. Standardised dimensions

    BS EN 14779:2007 Air filters for general air cleaning. Terminology


    These current technical standards have important guidance referring to air filtration:

    BS EN 15780:2011 Ventilation for buildings. Ductwork. Cleanliness of ventilation systems

    BS EN 1886:2007 Ventilation for buildings Air Handling Units

    BS EN 16798-3:2017 Energy performance  - Ventilation for buildings (Replaces BS EN 13779:2007 which has been withdrawn by BSI)

Links to BSI on-line; BSI Shop; CEN standards search and ISO-store


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