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New - SCA/FMA Best Practice Guide to Smoke extract fan maintenance

Emergency use fans for heat and smoke control systems are specifically designed and manufactured for safety critical applications. Harmonized standards of these regulations define a list of critical components.  Repair and replacement of the defined critical components shall only be carried out by the manufacturer’s authorized representative. For fans certified by a notified body, the substitution of a critical component by an alternative version of this component, must be approved by the notified body.

A BSI working group (FSH/25), with its members drawn from manufacturers, installers, test establishments and motor manufacturers, was formed to examine the key issues associated with smoke extract fans. 

The key objective of this guide is to raise awareness of the need to ensure that any powered smoke extract fans which are selected, manufactured and installed in accordance with EN 12101-3:2015, must then be correctly maintained to ensure that they continue to offer building occupants the highest degree of smoke protection and reassurance possible.

Guide to selecting suppliers of ATEX certified fans complying with EN14986 - June 2018

The FMA has produced a simple to use flow chart to guide specifiers when selecting suppliers of ATEX certified fans, complying with EN14986, for Industrial applications.  Implications on non-compliance for company executives is covered in the FMA-ATEXLeaflet below.

FMA-ATEXLeaflet - April 2016     

FMA statement on ATEX (7th edition) November 2017

FMA Guidance Document - Safety approvals standards for fans - Feb 2017

The purpose of this guidance paper from the Fan Manufacturers Association is to identify some of the European and International safety standards that members' products can comply with.

CIBSE TM42 Fan Application Guide - 2006

In collaboration with CIBSE, the FMA updated their flagship publication - the Fan Application Guide.

This Fan application guide considers the principles of air movement and the various fan types available in order to achieve the best results. The authors are all engineers with considerable experience in the fan industry. They discuss the principles and practice of air extract/supply system design, and offer guidance on fan selection to ensure that such systems perform their intended function efficiently.

This publication has been produced not for the fan engineer but for the engineer who uses fans. It is aimed not only at specifiers, mechanical services designers and architects but also at those responsible for building services and plant maintenance.

Download available from CIBSE Publications

The FMA has produced a guidance leaflet Fan installation effects - a guide to installed fan performance.

Fan Installation Effects (770Kb) (Download)

Fan & Ductwork Installation Guide : 1993 

Good practice in terms of the ductwork components installed adjacent to a fan, is the starting point for providing an efficient and reliable air distribution system.  The information summarised in this publication will be of particular benefit to air system designers, equipment specifiers and building services contractors.  Additionally, fan manufacturers will be better placed to advise on the fan installation and the connecting duct system.  The publication provides the air movement industry with a significant increase in the available knowledge on the effects of ductwork components fitted close to a fan.  Furthermore, it is based on a very thorough test and analysis programme covering many different types of duct fittings and all the fan types commonly used in clean air applications.  Download

Guide to Fan Noise and Vibration : 1984

This guide deals with the acoustic and vibration characteristics of the fan in a system, the starting point for meaningful systems analyses.  it is intended as a supplement to, and not a substitute for, existing text books.  it is hoped that it will enable engineers to avoid many of the problems now suffered unnecessarily.  Download 2.5MB

FMA statement on ATEX (7th edition) November 2017

FMA-ATEXLeaflet - April 2016     

FMA-GN2-Acoustics     Guidance note on acoustics

FMA-GN05-Power, Power Factor and Harmonics


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Last updated: 7 Nov 2017