Air Source Split and Multi-Split Heat Pumps (incl.VRF) spreadsheet


The following information was provided by the Carbon Trust on the de-listing of AIR SOURCE SPLIT AND MULTI-SPLIT HEAT PUMPS (INCL.VRF) in October 2014

Below is a link to a blank copy of the VRF master spreadsheet, should this be required by manufacturers who haven’t previously listed their Air Source Split and Multi-Split Heat Pumps (incl. VRF) in this way, and who want a calculation checker against the current ETL calculations (which haven’t changed since August 2013). For manufacturers who have listed these previously, the Carbon Trust has sent them a copy of their last spreadsheet in a format so that they can update their outdoor and indoor units.

         Blank copy VRF Aug2014 jb.xlsx             2014_Air_source_split_multi_split.pdf


The main thing to highlight to manufacturers is that the worksheet is a tool for confirming whether the product combination of outdoor and indoor units would be compliant (subject to the products meeting the ETL criteria).


Where customers wish to claim an Enhanced Capital Allowance against their purchase of Air Source Split and Multi-Split Heat Pumps incl. VRF (ASSMSHPs), they need to have evidence that the product was compliant with the Energy Technology List criteria at the time. It is normal for manufacturers to make a statement to that effect in an ‘unlisted’ category such as the ASSMSHPs where the manufacturer can show that it was compliant, which customers can then use with their claim. The compliance check of the combination of outdoor and indoor units may support that statement.


Carbon Trust understands that HEVAC/FETA won’t be able to make any changes to the spreadsheet if the calculations need to be updated as a result of future criteria changes. If there is a change needed, the Carbon Trust will either ask for the spreadsheet to be removed or adjust the calculations and send FETA the updated version.