Procedure for onsite meetings at FETA office


The purpose of this procedure is to minimise the risks of being exposed to COVID-19 for employees and FETA members attending onsite meetings at the FETA offices.  This procedure applies to members of ADCAS, BCIA, BRA, BFCMA, HPA and HEVAC.


With the impact of COVID-19 still with us, and individuals having a differing approach to risk, we have designed this procedure to minimise peoples’ concerns in attending meetings at our offices, without being overburdensome on the requirements.
We intend to continue to monitor the Government’s guidance on dealing with COVID-19 and will update this procedure as necessary.

The latest version of this guidance will always be on our website.


Prior to arrival

All attendees will either be emailed the latest version of this procedure or directed to the online version in the meeting invitation.

Please do NOT attend a meeting at FETA if you have symptoms of a respiratory infection, including COVID-19.

It is recommended that attendees do a Lateral Flow Test within 48 hours of attending a meeting.  FETA employees will be doing the same.  But please do NOT attend a meeting at FETA if you have symptoms, even if you tested negative.

Further information regarding testing, including how to obtain Lateral Flow Tests is available on the NHS website:   

Arrival for the meeting

The offices operate a social distancing policy, wherever possible.
Toilets are for one person at a time.
Whilst we appreciate that it may be difficult, particularly given that many of us have not met face to face for many months, we will aim to minimise staff/member contact to reduce the risk of transmitting COVID-19.

The meeting

The room will have been laid out to enable social distancing and hand sanitisation will be provided.  All desks will have been cleaned prior to the meeting.
It is assumed that all meetings will be hybrid so members can join virtually.  The meeting room can currently hold a maximum of 10 people.


This will be hosted through the door and to the left.  Coffee and tea will be provided in the meeting room.


We encourage regular handwashing while at the FETA office.

End of the meeting

The team will clear and clean the meeting room once members have left.


Updated 20 July 2022