AREA develops F Gas logbook for record keeping

AREA develops F Gas logbook for record keeping

AREA has developed a simple spreadsheet that will serve as a tool for contractors and their clients to fulfil their record keeping obligations under the F-Gas Regulation.

Article 6 of Regulation 517/2014 on F-gases requires operators of air conditioning and refrigeration equipment to keep records of regular leak checks for each piece of such equipment. The records contain comprehensive information related to the equipment and its refrigerant during installation, maintenance & repair and at end of life.
A number of AREA members reported their own members being confused about what was required under Article 6. In order to simplify the procedure and encourage effective and responsible record keeping of fluorinated greenhouse gas use and movement, AREA has developed this simple spreadsheet for contractors to use in order to keep their own, and their client’s, records up to date and in line with regulatory requirements.
The AREA Logbook will provide the European Commission with a useful tool, should it decide to develop an implementing act on the format of the records.

The AREA Logbook can be downloaded for free

You can find guidance documents on various topics on the AREA website



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