BFCMA releases Commercial Flue guide

BFCMA releases Commercial Flue guide

Designed to provide a clearer understanding of how chimneys and flues should be selected and installed in commercial applications, the new Commercial Flue Guide from the British Flue & Chimney Manufacturers Association (BFCMA) represents an invaluable resource for installers, suppliers, manufacturers and end users.

The guide is split into a number of different sections and covers chimney principles, regulations, types of chimney & flue, chimney & flue design, chimney/flue height & the Clean Air Act, and maintenance.

BFCMA Vice Present Dennis Milligan says: “Selecting the correct chimney or flue for the application is of vital importance and a raft of factors need to be taken into consideration.”

“The new guide helps to make sense of design features, regulations and other key elements, encouraging best practice across the industry.”

The guide focuses its attention on stainless steel flues – the most commonly used material in the chimney and flue market. Stainless steel flues are categorised into different systems and the guide clearly outlines the applications they are designed for.

Classed as ‘part of the building’ the chimney and flue must comply with the Construction Products Regulations (CPR) and as such all designers, architects, builders and heating engineers need to understand their individual requirements. The Commercial Flue Guide offers guidance on CE designations and picks out all of the key points from the regulations.

Milligan concludes: “With clearly labelled diagrams and illustrations, the new guide contains a wealth of information and is a must read for anyone involved in the selection and installation of chimneys and flues in a commercial setting.”

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