EPEE and EVIA host inaugural conference

EPEE and EVIA host inaugural conference

EPEE  and EVIA will be holding their inaugural conference “EUREKA 2016: Heating, Cooling & Ventilation: Sustainable technologies for a better life”. 

This unique event, to be held in The Hague on 13th December 2016, will showcase the heating, cooling and ventilation industry’s impact on the European Union’s energy goals and demonstrate the potential, attractiveness, and innovative nature of the industry. 

The format will involve an opening Plenary Session, featuring a keynote speech by a distinguished guest, followed by 4 break-out panel sessionson the following topics:

  • The role of refrigeration in reducing food waste
  • Increasing political awareness on indoor air quality & thermal comfort 
  • The impact of the new F-Gas rules in Europe and beyond
  • Driving energy efficiency in buildings

For more information go to http://www.epeeglobal.org/events/future-events/eureka-2016-13-december-2016/


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