EURIS calls for post Brexit Industry and Government Liaison Body

The EURIS Taskforce is today calling on the Government to establish a post Brexit Industry and Government liaison body with the remit of confirming and recommending for adoption aspects of future European legislation that specifically impact on the industrial product supply sector.

EURIS suggests this mechanism is delivered through a permanent industry or Government organisation or that it is part of Sector Deals.

EURIS Chairman Dr Howard Porter said, “EURIS welcomes and fully supports the Government’s proposal for a Brexit transition period.  However, in addition to the proposed two-year period, we believe it is essential that an Industry and Government liaison body is established to enable our sector to remain competitive and ensure no new non-tariff barriers to UK-EU trade. If this arrangement is not put in place, and EU regulatory product requirements cannot be effectively mirrored in UK structures, a five-year transition period is required to deal with regulation already in train and product cycles already underway”.

EURIS Vice-Chairman Steve Brambley added, “The industrial product supply industry operates in long-term, multi-stage cycles for both regulation and product design. Putting such a considered mechanism on regulation in place would enable industry to continue to place products on the market and remain competitive”.

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