FETA members get together at the SAP Workshop

Following the appointment of Robust Details Ltd (RDL) and NHBC’s three-year Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) quality control contract, the NHBC hosted a SAP Workshop on Thursday 01 February 2018 at the NHBC’s London Office.

The Workshop gave FETA members, led by the Presidents of HEVAC (Nick Howlett) and HPA (Mike Nankivell), the chance to hear from those involved in developing SAP. The scheme affects a number of groups within FETA and gave a timely opportunity   for them to share their views on how this could evolve.

The workshop highlighted key topics that are currently affecting the industry including the NHBC’s input on current quality issues and how SAP can help; an update on where we are now in response to the SAP consultation; the SAP 10 timetable and an explanation on the Robust Details Limited QA contract. The workshop established the communication channels between the industry and RDL for SAP’s QA and asked for industry views on what is vital for them over the next three years. It also explained new arrangements for the SAP Scientific Integrity Group (SAPSIG) and the SAP Industry Forum (SAPIF) while offering opportunities to get involved.

FETA is actively engaging with BRE and RDL in order to ensure improved collaboration between industry and other stakeholders, and this workshop offered insight on how the industry can better interact with the SAP scheme in the near future.



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