FETA supports World Refrigeration Day

FETA supports World Refrigeration Day

FETA is supporting World Refrigeration Day.

Confirming its support, FETA Chief Executive Russell Beattie said: “Initiatives such as this are important to help raise and increase awareness of the remarkable benefits that air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pumps deliver in so many aspects of our every day life.”

“With market demand for environmentally benign cooling (and heating via heat pumps) is growing, events such as World Refrigeration Day can usefully reinforce the message that all of these industries are vital in our every day lives, and are becoming more important in developing nations as well,” he added.

World Refrigeration Day on June 26 is designed to raise awareness and understanding to the general public of the significant role that the refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pumps industry and technology play in modern life and society.

There will be a World Refrigeration Day Pavilion at the Temperature Controlled Storage and Distribution Exhibition at the East of England Arena on June 26, with live broadcast talks focusing on different aspects of the RACHP industry hosted by ACRIB (www.acrib.org.uk)

Further information at www.worldrefrigerationday.org/



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