First success for EFCTC Illegal HFC Import action line

First success for EFCTC Illegal HFC Import action line

We are pleased to report that, as a direct result of cooperation between the industry investigation agency and the Commission anti-fraud organization (OLAF), acting on tip offs through the EFCTC action line, officers from Milan’s customs and monopolies agency – Agenzia Dogane e Monopoli – have seized around 10 tonnes of illegal HFC refrigerant.

In a brief statement, the agency said 960 cylinders of HFC refrigerant, originally from Turkey and China was seized during an “online check”. It is reported to have been imported outside of the European quota mechanism.

The actual refrigerant type has not been specified, but has been valued by the customs authority at €96,000.

Following this seizure, officials from the Varese Anti-fraud office of the Customs and Monopolies Agency have also seized 2.5 tonnes of Chinese-made HFC refrigerants from Turkey.

The seizure, again carried out in close collaboration with the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF), comprised 138 cylinders, valued at around €27,500.


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