IOR Launches Technical Papers Programme for 2017/18

IOR Launches Technical Papers Programme for 2017/18

The Institute of Refrigeration (IOR), the leading charity run for the public benefit of refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat pump professionals has just launched its technical papers programme for 2017/18, which will include:

  •                      Integrated development of a chiller system with an oil-free compressor - 2 November 2017- London. This IOR technical presentation will cover the benefits of magnetic bearing technology for the chiller system.
  •                      The Impact of Refrigerant Charge on the Capacity and Efficiency of a System Containing Low GWP Refrigerants – 1 February 2018 - London. This presentation will highlight the potential effects of refrigerant charge on the operating characteristics of low GWP refrigerants. It will also demonstrate the direct and indirect costs/emissions as a result of refrigerant leakage.
  •                      Is CO2 the future for domestic hot water heat pumps in the UK? 1 March 2018 - Birmingham. Presented as one of the most attractive alternatives to less environmentally-friendly refrigerants, this presentation will discuss the technical and economic viability of CO2 DHW heat pumps on the British market.
  •                      Challenges and learning from the remote monitoring and analysis of refrigeration systems 5 April 2018 – Birmingham.  This presentation will cover energy efficiency optimisation and the benefits of the introduction of software monitoring refrigeration systems’ performances.

The presentations are open to all and free to attend. Starting at the new earlier time of 3.30pm the presentations will also be available as a webinar for those unable to attend in person. The technical presentations offer an easy way to keep abreast of all the new developments in the RACHP industry and attendees will gain a Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Certificate.

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