John Lightfoot, one of FETA's long serving chairmen, retires

John Lightfoot, one of FETA's long serving chairmen, retires

John Lightfoot, Sales Director at TEV Limited, has retired and is standing down as chairman of both a HEVAC and a FETA Group.

John, who first got involved in the HEVAC Association when he was with IMI Air Conditioning, has been the chairman of the HEVAC Fan Coil Unit Group since it was formed in 2002.  John has led the group for fifteen years towards its aim to promote the effective use of chilled water fan coils within a building environmental system by supplying meaningful and definitive specifications from which engineers can make considered decisions.

Prior to that, in the 1990's John was chairman of the FETA Export Club which was formed to stimulate interest and success in profitable Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Export Trade and provide business members with a forum for the interchange of knowledge of all matters relating to export trading.

John took a very active role in the HEVACR 2005 project, which was a Government funded project to help FETA members increase their profitability.  As a result, John and the Export Club produced the HEVACR 2005 International Trade Development Strategy.

John will be missed by the FETA staff and his industry colleagues in the HEVAC Fan Coil Unit Group, and we all wish John a good and well deserved retirement.


26 May 2017

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