Low Carbon Homes brings global domestic energy efficiency innovation to the UK’s regions via a nationwide event series – the Low Carbon Homes Forum.

Low Carbon Homes wants to drive the adoption of new energy-saving standards in the UK’s aged housing stock by providing a unique platform. Here, professionals can share best practice and discover pioneering methodologies and products to help transform home efficiency, reduce fuel poverty and lower carbon emissions.

Low Carbon Homes seeks to address 5 key challenges:

Change: apathy and resistance to change – key influencers are unmotivated to recommend change; easier to “do nothing”

Cost perceptions: unconvincing ROI

Confusing/conflicting information: competing advice from “experts”

Complexity: technological complications – pace of innovation difficult to keep up with

Consistency: inconsistent government policies – financial incentives reducing with fluctuating priorities

The Solution

The Low Carbon Homes Forums provide success stories and case-studies in a free-to-attend collaborative workshop-style environment. Each event will be tailored to address regional issues guided by knowledgeable host partners.

By facilitating knowledge exchange, peer-to-peer learning and de-bunking myths, the events help to reduce barriers and accelerate the take-up of energy efficiency best practice in each region.

There are four Forums planned for 2019, each partnering with a key regional low carbon champion. Featuring a programme including respected representatives from national and local clean-tech companies, low-carbon advocates and industry associations, each Forum provides a valuable opportunity for knowledge exchange, collaboration and networking.

2019 Dates

11 March, Dorset - Forum South West, hosted by Low Carbon Dorset
3 April, Brighton - Forum South East, hosted by Clean Growth Platform
23 May, Ipswich - Forum East, hosted by Suffolk Climate Change Partnership
14 November, Manchester - Forum North West, hosted by Manchester City Council


Each one-day Forum provides a fast-paced, participative experience, with interaction between attending professions encouraged.  Technical workshops follow the morning plenary sessions, while local SME’s showcase their solutions in the Supply Chain Expo.

Forums are free-to-attend for invited professionals.
Tickets for all Forums can be booked at www.lowcarbonhomes.uk


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