News from EVIA

News from EVIA

Since joining EVIA, it has become evident that a lot of information is generated by this organisation which is of importance to our industry, but there is also a lot which is of little relevance or even duplication. As a result, Ian Andrews (pictured) was asked if he would be willing to act as a link between FETA and EVIA with the aim of filtering the information being provided by EVIA and adding value to our membership by providing a covering summary to each circulation.

Ian has now attended a number of meetings representing FETA.


The AGM received reports from the various groups within EVIA and elected various officers to the executive. The minutes will be made available in due course.

On receiving the various reports, it became evident that communication is one issue that needs to be improved; both internal and external and the EVIA secretariat stated that they would take this on board. Another item that was discussed was the IAQ seminar that was held the previous day. It was agreed that an IAQ Taskforce should be created with the objective of driving this subject.

EVIA has a number of working groups all of which meet on a regular basis; three of these met recently and Ian attended all of them on our behalf.

2020 Working Group
This group mirrors much of the work being done within the Commission and has now been renamed 2030.  “Build Up” which is the European portal for Energy Efficiency in Buildings and was established by the Commission to support the EPBD has requested co-operation with EVIA.
Many of the other relevant directives are considered within the group.

EVIA Residential Working Group
This group, as the name implies, focus on matters relating to residential ventilation.
Items discussed included EcoDesign, EPBD and proposed IAQ label.

EVIA Non-Residential Working Group
There is some overlap with residential due in part to EcoDesign Lot 6.
The group is also highly active with many other items including; Lot 11, Lot 21, IAQ, Market Surveillance EPBD to name a few.

Fans Working Group
This group, which is chaired by Geoff Lockwood, has not met since FETA became members. There has however been an election to appoint a Vice Chairman (Communications) and Ian Andrews was unanimously elected. The group are due to meet during July.

Despite the recent BREXIT results it is anticipated that the work loads will continue unabated. The UK will still need to comply with the majority of EU regulation if it continues to sell into the European market. There will therefore be a continuing need to influence Brussels, and EVIA are well placed to achieve this aim.

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