Participation in BSI/CEN/ISO committee work while on furlough

Participation in BSI/CEN/ISO committee work while on furlough

This is a situation which may effect a number of FETA members.

BSI has been asked if a committee member can continue committee work if they are representing their company and are furloughed.

BSI has consulted their HR and Legal team and they have advised that all committee members consult with their employer about this issue.

Those agreeing to be placed on furlough leave cannot undertake any work on behalf of the employer that has furloughed them. Although committee members are volunteers BSI's concern would be that, if employers are benefiting from committee work, engaging in such work could jeopardise the grant the employer receives from the government.

Employers will have to indicate if any of the committee work potentially generates some kind of income for them. Even if there is no clear generation of revenue committee members need to speak to their employer about engaging in committee work as it is ultimately the employer’s risk. BSI is comfortable with furloughed committee members continuing committee work, as long as they seek and obtain permission from their employer.



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