RAC announce F Gas Question Time event on 17th May

RAC announce F Gas Question Time event on 17th May

RAC Magazine is to hold another of its popular free F-Gas Question Time events, seeking to get to grips with the issues surrounding refrigerants and the F-Gas legislation. The annual event, taking place in London, is set to have more of a sense of urgency than usual, thanks to the deepening crisis around the price and availability of R404A, R507A and R410A.

As the impacts of the tightening F-Gas regulations spread far and wide in the industry, many will have been affected already by this year’s ‘cliff’ drop in HFC quota - and in less than two years, the first bans on refrigerant use will come into force.

RAC are bringing experts from across the cooling supply chain to talk about the practicalities of working in the new lower-GWP landscape.

Already signed up to set the context for the debate will be refrigerant policy expert Ray Gluckman. He will be joined on the panel by Mark Hughes of Chemours, who will offer guidance on refrigerant options, Other experts from the end user and supply sectors will be announced shortly.


The event, running from 9am to 1pm and ending with a buffet lunch, is free-to-attend. Attendees need to pre-register by emailing Oliver.Sumner@emap.com with F-Gas Question Time in the subject. The venue will be announced shortly.




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