Transport for London - Fit for Purpose Stations Project

Transport for London is an executive body of the Greater London Authority (GLA), created in 2000 as the integrated body responsible for the Capital’s transport system. Its primary role is to implement the Mayor of London’s Transport Strategy, and manage transport services to, from and within London.
Among several other assets, at present, TfL is responsible for approximately 360 miles (560km) of main roads, 270 London Underground stations, and well over 1000 buildings in and around the capital. These numbers are expected to increase over time as London expands and TfL gains responsibility for new and other existing transport services.
In 2017/18 alone TfL will invest over £3billion improving and updating infrastructure assets; an amount TfL strives to invest each and every year for the remainder of its current business plan and beyond.
As part of a determined effort to increase and maximise the value TfL achieves from its future investments, particularly with respect to investments in products and systems, a new initiative to build more strategic, resource efficient and mutually beneficial long-term relationships (contracts) with manufacturers and suppliers has been launched (Fit for Purpose Stations - FfPS).
FfPS will result in a catalogue of products (a ‘Kit of Parts’ or set of ‘Common Components’) that will demonstrate the most superior Whole Life Cycle Costs and Performance - for its given purpose - once installed on London’s transport network. These products will be the ‘first choice’ products selected for use across the network and in most areas of the business will be ‘mandated for use’ (for as long as they deliver the value TfL expects).

FETA are actively engaging with TfL in this work on behalf of its members.


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