FETA is an active member of ACRIB which co-ordinates the sector efforts on the F-Gas Regulation.

See www.acrib.org.uk


In May 2015, the European Commission has published on its Website an informative note for the personnel and companies working with equipment containing f-gases. You can find the document here and attached.  Other F-Gas documents can be found at http://ec.europa.eu/clima/policies/f-gas/documentation_en.htm


Documents relating to the 2013 revision of F-Gas Regulations are being posted in the members area


EPEE has produced a 4-page leaflet titled "Why should I care about F-Gases?". 

This can be downloaded from http://www.epeeglobal.org/refrigerants/f-gas-regulation/why-should-i-care-about-f-gases/

The Alliance for Responsible Atmospheric Policy (Alliance)

is an industry coalition that was organized in 1980 to address the issue of stratospheric ozone depletion. It is  presently composed of about 100 manufacturers and businesses which rely on CFCs, HCFCs, and HFCs. Today, the Alliance is a leading industry voice that coordinates industry participation in the development of reasonable international and U.S. government policies regarding ozone protection and climate change.

Documents from The Alliance - October 2012


DEFRA has formed a consultancy (F-Gas Support) to assist with queries relating to the legislation.

See www.defra.gov.uk/fgas

By clicking the link below you can download RAC information sheets produced by the F Gas Support team in May 2008 as guides to various aspects of the F Gas Regulations. Regular updates will become available on the DEFRA/fgas website (see link above).

RAC information sheets from F Gas support team  (Download)

FIGAROO (the F-Gas Regulation Online Observatory) is pan-European resource for users of HFCs, designed to share information and best practice, so we can all make a success of the F-Gas Regulation. It is supported by the European Fluorocarbons Technical Committee (EFCTC).