2018 SkillFRIDGE Competition Series

Talented apprentices and students in the air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pump sectors are invited to put their technical and professional knowledge to the test and showcase their potential in the 2018 SkillFRIDGE Competition Series.

The competition is designed to tackle the impending skills crisis by promoting the exciting and varied career paths available within the sector to young people and apprentices already studying up to Level 3 RACHP. It provides an opportunity for apprentices involved within the sector to hone their skills, learn best practise, understand current legislation and use the latest products on the market.

Competitors, and their respective training providers and employers, will benefit from having a unique platform from which they can demonstrate their technical and professional knowledge and outstanding skills in an exciting and pressurised environment.

With the Department for Education reporting that people aged over 25 and over accounted for over 46% of apprenticeship starts in 2016/17 (DfE/EFSA Further Education and Skills, Nov 2017), the 2018 SkillFRIDGE Competition Series will see the removal of the upper age limit during the national stages.

For more information, or to register an apprentice, visit www.skillfridge.co.uk.


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