BRA announces latest guide on Jointing of Pipework for Refrigeration Systems

The British Refrigeration Association (BRA) has announced the release of an updated guide on the Jointing of Pipework for Refrigeration Systems. This latest issue is the sixth version of the guide and the first update since the 2014 edition.

Recognising the importance of brazed joints in maintaining the effective and efficient operation of refrigeration and air conditioning systems, the BRA developed the simple brazing procedure specification and approval for jointing copper pipework for refrigeration systems. The specification also incorporates a practical means of assessing an individual’s competence to braze joints for refrigeration and air conditioning pipework in accordance with national standards used by the industry and relevant legislation. This revision has incorporated high strength copper alloy pipe in recognition of is adoption on R744 systems and is also applicable to A2L refrigerants.

Mark Woods, President of the BRA, said: “The need to maintain safe working practices throughout any brazing process is paramount both in the workplace and when carrying out training and assessment. This specification has been endorsed by the Technical Committee of the Institute of Refrigeration and the BRA hopes that it will continue to be the accepted industry standard.”

The British Refrigeration Association is a trade organisation representing manufacturers, importers, wholesalers, distributors, contractors, specifiers and end-users of refrigeration plant, equipment and components.

The guide is available here



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