IOR Annual Conference Call for Abstracts

IOR Annual Conference Call for Abstracts

The 2022 IOR Annual Conference which will be held in Birmingham on 1 December 2022 will be focusing on the UK’s net-zero ambitions and what the RACHP industry is putting in place to meet these targets.

The IOR is now launching a call for abstracts outlining practical low-carbon solutions that are achieving results. The themes of the conference are as follows:

  • Rethinking Design:  How we are designing differently to achieve low carbon or net-zero aims. Heat recovery, system integration, optimising efficiency, energy demand reduction, integration with renewable energy, innovative cycles, systems or products
  • What is Sustainable Heating and cooling? Successfully addressing financial and environmental sustainability issues, achieving improved recycling and recovery, whole system efficiency models.
  • Collaboration: Examples of how businesses are working across traditional business boundaries in consortium or collaborative approaches, sector or industry-based initiatives, policy success stories and international projects.

Further details on submitting an abstract are available on the IOR website at The deadline for applications is 5th August 2022.

It is also possible to reserve a place to attend. Prices start at £99 + VAT for IOR members – visit to book.


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