IOR Education Guidance notes creating a careers roadmap for the RACHP sector

This week the IOR has published a new Guidance note for the occupations of Design and Applications Engineer as part of its series of roadmaps setting out the skills, knowledge and behaviours required in key occupations. It sits alongside the Guidance note published last year for Engineering Technicians (on which the current apprenticeship programme was based).

The IOR is hosting on Wednesday 2nd June at 12:00 to 13:00 a webinar to discuss how the employers, trainers and those working in these roles in sector could make use of the IOR Roadmaps to help support training and develop their careers. Panellists on the webinar will input to the discussion, involving all of those present in exploring the questions of:

  • How should IOR specifications be used by industry? 
  • What training capacity is in place and how can we support this? 
  • What mechanisms are needed to help employers share good practice and support skills development across sectors?    
  • Are there other skills gaps that need to be addressed?

The outcomes will be an action plan to promote skills and training and to promote careers in cooling.

You can register now to attend this event at: or download the Specifications from the IOR website at .


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