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The Heating and Renewables Roadshows - Sept 2015 - NEW

gives the perfect opportunity to get up to speed on the latest technologies and make sure your business is ready for winter.  HPA is a supporting organisation of the Roadshow which is travelling to 5 locations across the UK, so you don’t have to travel far.


  • Ricoh Arena, Coventry - 10th Sept
  • Westpoint Arena, Exeter - 15th Sept
  • FIVE, Farnborough - 17th Sept
  • RHC, Edinburgh - 22nd Sept
  • Event City, Manchester - 24th Sept

Aims & Objectives 

The Heat Pump Association (HPA) is the UK’s leading authority on the use and benefits of heat pump technology and includes many of the country’s leading manufacturers of heat pumps, components and associated equipment.

The Association influences legislation and other matters that affect the interests of either the industry in general, or its members in particular. In addition, the HPA co-ordinates technical and market research into areas of mutual interest, identified by members with the aim of improving market opportunities for members, at home and abroad.

The HPA recognises that heat pumps will only fulfill their promise in the market if suppliers, installers and users fully appreciate their function and capabilities. A major objective of the association, therefore, is to raise awareness of heat pumps by informing prospective specifiers of their long-term benefits, reassuring end users and providing up-to-the-minute advice on the various systems available. The HPA conveys this message by generating publicity using exhibitions, literature, promotions and public relations.

Preparing The Way

Like most technology, heat pumps will only produce their greatest benefits if they are fully understood by specifiers, installers and users.

The Heat Pump Association believes that it is vital that key people in industry are aware of the potential of heat pumps.

The Association, therefore, places great emphasis on advice and education, to ensure that systems are appropriate to their applications and installed with the highest degree of professionalism.

Heat Pumps - The Facts

Heat pumps supply more energy than they consume, by extracting heat from their surroundings. Currently heat pump systems can supply as much as 3kW of heat output for just 1kW of energy input. Heat is transferred from outside air or from warm exhaust air. It can also be drawn from a water source such as river, ground or waste water. Heat from any of these sources is used to heat air or water for various heating needs. Unlike other heating systems heat pumps can also be used for cooling.

Heat pumps are used for:

  • commercial space heating
  • process heating
  • domestic heating

For more information on how a heat pump works, types of heat pump system, heat pump applications and more, visit www.heatpumps.org.uk