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Putting into Use Replacement Refrigerants (PURR) - 15 Sep 2015

This report has been produced by an Action Group made up of members of the British Refrigeration Association (BRA). The purpose of the report is to help people address the task of meeting some of the key implications and requirements of the EU F-Gas regulation which came into force on 1st January 2015.

The document is aimed at all stakeholders involved in the commercial refrigeration market – designers, manufacturers, installers, commissioners and end users – and is designed to highlight the challenges the sector faces in the next few years, and offer guidance and suggestions as to how these issues can be dealt with.

The ban on new installations and servicing with refrigerants with a Global Warming Potential of 2500 or more, together with the cap and phase down of HFC refrigerants, presents the sector with a major challenge. With a very tight timescale in which these factors must be actioned, the need for advice and information will be vital in the decision making process.

Sections 1 to 3 outline the challenge to be faced in more detail, and propose some of the actions that will need to be taken. Sections 4 and 5 contain detailed comments on replacement refrigerant candidates and the components that are relevant to their use. In Section 6, there is a summary of strategic matters that need addressing.

PURR Report

PURR Report precis

Code of Practice - Design and Manufacture of Refrigerated Cabinets running on Hydrocarbon Refrigerants - Version 2; March 2014

In order to support the increasing use of hydrocarbon refrigerants in integral commercial refrigerated cabinets the British Refrigeration Association Cabinet and Cold Store Section has commissioned this Code of Practice. It clarifies the regulations, standards and practices which apply to the leak simulation testing and subsequent design of systems which use hydrocarbon refrigerants. This will provide the basis for a consistent approach to be adopted by all manufacturers, end users and specifiers when using these refrigerants.

First published in January 2012, this March 2014 version has been updated to account for changes to standards and to include a statement on page 3 regarding the use of HC’s in systems above 150g which continues to cause concerns to some retailers in the UK.



Guide to flammable refrigerants - 25 October 2012

This guide has been prepared by the British Refrigeration Association (BRA) because of the increase in the application of flammable refrigerants such as hydrocarbons, HFOs and flammable HFCs.  It provides impartial information about the flammability issues associated with these refrigerants to end users, specifiers, building owners, manufacturers and contractors.  It is an introduction to flammable refrigerants and signposts where more detailed information can be obtained if necessary.

This guide applies to the use of flammable refrigerants in new, specially designed systems.  Existing systems using non-flammable refrigerants must not be retrofitted to flammable refrigerants.

Ammonia (R717) is not included in this Guide.  Section 10 shows where there is detailed information about R717.


Jointing of Copper Pipework for Refrigeration Systems - Specification & Procedures for Manual Torch Brazing and Brazer Assessment - Issue 5 – Nov 2014

Available to download from the  Download page

Service of Hydrocarbon Refrigerant Equipment in a Retail Environment - 28 Feb 2012

In order to support the increasing use of hydrocarbon refrigerants in retail refrigeration and air conditioning equipment the British Refrigeration Association issued this Guidance. It summarises best practice for the service and maintenance of retail systems which use hydrocarbon refrigerants to ensure engineers work safely. Download

BRA Guide for Risk Assessments and Method Statements (RAMS) Issue 1 December 2011

The Method Statements give a brief description of the task that is to be assessed. The Risk Assessments describe the type of hazards that can occur, how to control them (and thereby reduce the associated risks) and what to do in the event of an accident or imminent danger occurring. Available ONLY to FETA members as a free download

Code of Conduct for carbon reduction in the retail refrigeration sector

Rationale 22nd June 2011

Best practice guide 22nd June 2011

Technical specification 22nd June 2011

F-Gas Support leaflet - Life After Virgin HCFC Ban


BRA-IoR Guide to Good comm ref practice - Part 2 - System Design and Component Selection
(free download to members; chargeable to non-members)

BRA-IOR Guide to Good comm ref practice - Part 3 - Safety & Environmental Considerations & Standards
(free download to members; chargeable to non-members)

BRA-IoR Guide to Good commercial refrigeration practice - Part 4 - System Installation
(free download to members; chargeable to non-members)

BRA-IoR Guide to Good commercial refrigeration practice - Part 5 - Commissioning
(free download to members; chargeable to non-members)

BRA-Ior Guide to Good comm ref practice - Part 6 - System Maintenance and Service
(free download to members; chargeable to non-members)

BRA-IoR Guide to Good comm ref practice - Part 7 System and Component Decommissioning and Waste Disposal
(free download to members; chargeable to non-members)

BRA-IoR Guide to Good comm ref practice - Part 8 Refrigerants and retrofitting
(free download to members; chargeable to non-members)

BRA-IoR Guide to Good commercial refrigeration practice - Part 9 - Training

BRA-IOR Guide to Good Commercial Refrigeration Practice - Part 10- Leak Prevention
(free download to members; chargeable to non-members)

Code of Practice for Refrigerant Leak Tightness in Compliance with the F-Gas Regulation

TEWI Guide
The BRA Guideline Methods of Calculating TEWI (Total Equivalent Warming Impact) is available to FETA members from the members area. Non-members can obtain copies of the PDF guidelines and the four Xcel calculation spreadsheets from Caroline Sloan – cost £25.00 incl postage and packing.

BRA has produced a number of "Factfinders"; which respond quickly to a need for information or guidance on a particular subject. The following factfinders are available for download or viewing as .pdf files.

BRA Fact finder Number 1. Issue 4 (12/98) WITHDRAWN SEPTEMBER 2017

BRA Fact finder Number 2, 10/94

BRA Fact finder Number 3 (4/95)

BRA Fact finder Number 4 (12/95)

BRA Fact finder Number 5. Issue 2 - April 04

BRA Fact finder Number 6. (9/96)
Danger. Do not mix refrigerants!

BRA Fact finder Number 7. Issue 3 (2015)
A Guide to Selecting Copper Tube and Fittings for New Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Systems with Air Cooled Condensers to comply with BS 4434:1995

BRA Fact finder Number 8. (03/98)
Pressure Relief Devices: Guidance on selection for the low pressure side of systems

BRA Fact finder Number 9. Issue 1 (11/2000)

BRA FactFinder No 10 WITHDRAWN APRIL 2017 (See Factfinder no 20)
Recovered Refrigerants and Recycling under the Hazardous Waste Regulations V2.1

BRA Factfinder No 11
Identification of Electrical Conductors in Fixed Installations


The F Gas Regulation
This Factfinder referred to the 2006 F Gas regulation.  For general information on the F Gas regulation, go to


Practical Guide to the F Gas regulation

This Factfinder gave guidance on the 2006 F Gas regulation.  For guidance on the 2014 F Gas regulation, go to
BRA factfinder No 14 WITHDRAWN SEPTEMBER 2017
The ODS Regulation

BRA factfinder No 15
Control of HFC Refrigerant Sales

BRA factfinder No 16 WITHDRAWN SEPTEMBER 2017
HCFC cylinder management

BRA factfinder No 17 UPDATED SEPTEMBER 2017
Refrigerant GWP values

BRA factfinder No 18
Code of Practice for isolation of a Display Cabinet evaporator from a Carbon Dioxide (R744) system

BRA Factfinder No 19 NEW APRIL 2017

A practical guide to using refrigerants with a temperature glide

BRA Factfinder No 20 NEW APRIL 2017

Recovered Refrigerant and Recycling under the Hazardous Waste Regulations


Three other documents are available for download in .pdf format.
Barcamm Skills and Knowledge Assessment Specifications
Barcamm Glossary
Refrigeration and Control Monitoring