These publications are available on-line, but for the full list, click the link on the main publications page

FETA Magazines - published each December

  (Download) FETA Magazine No 19 - 2015 - (5.0Mb)

  (Download) FETA Magazine No 18 - 2014 - (7.4Mb)


The Heat Pump Association has its own magazine.........(available from the HPA downloads area)


(Download) FETA: Funding Energy-Efficient Technology Model (FEET). It is a 1.7Mb pdf file. All operating information is contained in the pdf brochure. You'll also need to download the 2 Excel files that go with it.

(Download) Green Model - Worked ;

(Download)Green Model - Blank.

To operate put them all together in a single folder and open the pdf document.