Welcome to the Building Controls Industry Association. Our site contains information relating to the BCIA in general, our membership, events specific to the building controls industry, training and education, and a range of publications that can be downloaded free of charge. We will be regularly updating this site with news of further training courses, new publications and other relevant information, so stay in touch with the Building Controls Industry Association.

BCIA Website 

The BCIA has a separate website at www.bcia.co.uk.

Mission Statement 

The Building Controls Industry Association seeks to be recognised as the organisation serving the corporate needs of the UK building controls industry.
It is committed to supporting all of its Members in their efforts to establish and maintain the highest standards in product and system development, application
and customer service.

Aims & Objectives 

  • The aims and objectives of the Building Controls Industry Association are to achieve recognition as:
  • The only European forum where controls companies can work together to achieve higher standards in building performance.
  • Representing the highest standards in technical excellence through its work with European standards committees and contact with influential technologies, such as Information Technology.
  • Supporting legislation pertaining to energy efficiency and environmental protection.
  • Dedicated to all aspects of building controls training, as demonstrated with the launch and continued development of the BCIA building controls training scheme.
  • Committed to the highest professional standards. Customers, suppliers and employees can be assured that BCIA members will conduct business in an ethical manner, taking full responsibility for the performance of their products and behaviour of their people.
  • Committed to increasing market awareness of the benefits of control and building management techniques and equipment.
  • History of the BCIA This 23-slide PowerPoint presentation gives the history of the Association from the Building Controls Group in 1990 and the Control System Specialist Group in 1992 up to the formation of the BCIA in FETA in 2004 through to the present time. (Download via the link).