HEVAC Philosophy

HEVAC's philosophy, approach, format and roles are outlined on this separate page

Groups within HEVAC

HEVAC conducts the majority of its business within specialist groups. These groups meet three or four times a year, and they deal with issues and topics that directly affect their businesses. As well as the more formal part of the meeting, members find the informal networking over lunch to be an invaluable benefit of membership.

The groups within HEVAC are:

Air Conditioning Group

Fan Manufacturers' Association

Air Curtain Group 

Filter Group

Air Distribution Manufacturers' Group

Fire & Smoke Damper Committee 

Air Handling Unit Group

Humidity Group

Chilled Beam and Ceiling Association

Residential Ventilation Association

Demand Controlled Ventilation Group

Smoke Control Association

Fan Coil Unit Group


The association represents the interests of the Members and specifically: 

  • Promotes the interests of manufacturers and distributors of Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning equipment.
  • Obtains maximum publicity for the industry through exhibitions, promotions and general public relations and emphasises the products and services of Members in so doing.
  • Influences legislation, regulations and policies, that affect or might affect, the technical or commercial interest of the industry in general and Members in particular.
  • Develops and promotes high standards of quality, design, safety and workmanship in the industry.
  • Encourages uniform standards of Education and Training at all levels throughout the Industry.
  • Co-ordinates Technical and Market Research into areas of common interest identified by Members.
  • Works to improve trading conditions and promote trading opportunities for Members in home and overseas markets.

If you are not a member and feel that you would benefit from being part of the largest and most cost-effective UK Association for your industry, please contact the Chief Executive Russell Beattie russellb @ feta.co.uk or tel 0118 940 3416.